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Founder of The Sandbox Mobile app, Sebastien Borget, says the Metaverse will favor human imagination

The metaverse lets us explore human imagination

Sandbox Co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget / The metaverse lets us explore human imagination

After analysis of released google data on the drastic drop of worldwide searches in NFTs, decentralization, and the Metaverse at large, it seemed that all buzz surrounding what was anticipated to be the most awaited trend in the last quarter of 2021 has completely dissipated as of February 2022.

However, Sebastien Borget, cofounder and chief operations officer of The Sandbox mobile game, Blockchain specialist, and computer science engineer has been working tirelessly in the Metaverse space, insisting for everyone to join in on the decentralized and interoperable multiverse.

"Web 3.0 and the metaverse are enabling each of us to become an explorer of our human imagination, inventing new parallel universes where we can choose the experiences we want to live."

Borget took part in an interview with Cointelegraph Brazil in which he shared his thoughts and feelings on Web 3.0 and how it will impact us as creative beings, he didn't hesitate to inform us on how the multiverse platform would serve as the perfect platform to showcase all ingenious thinking and help bring almost impossible imaginations to life in the virtual world. He expresses that there's no thought too shy that will not be entertained in the Metaverse.

Borget explained, “Web 3.0 and the metaverse are enabling each of us to become an explorer of our human imagination, inventing new parallel universes where we can choose the experiences we want to live.” (Reguerra, 2022). From this, it is effortless to note his unparalleled opinion on how the Metaverse is all-rounded and destined to cater to all creatives in the virtual art space as well as architecture, engineering, medical, and many more students as it gives them the opportunity to begin their journeys on a rather intricate note whether it be designing models to be portrayed in the real world or effectively reviewing all parts of the human anatomy undauntedly.

Further into the interview, the avid The Sandbox Metaverse endorser mentioned how he believes that the platform does not fall anywhere short in the already ascending user interest and will guide people on how to, “socialize, form economic relationships, and gather in communities” (Reguerra, 2022). According to psychology, such qualities aim and succeed at bringing communities together as it bonds them together by the mention of incredibly intimate topics such as finances, thus, Borget trusts in the interoperable multiverse he aims to create.

“We envision that within the next 10 years, the metaverse will have transformed profoundly how we’re thinking about the way we’ll be working, socializing, playing and earning through the economic opportunities and jobs it is creating.” (Reguerra, 2022). As per his belief, Borget is a firm encouragement of having this virtual ecosystem entirely centered on how fun and fulfilling it is to innovate, giving users all creative liability to ensure the experience is smooth and enjoyable. He also thinks that users deserve to put out anything that makes their heart smile as it is a self-autonomous, non-judgemental platform.

Towards the close of the interview, Borget explains how he wants his version of decentralized reality to be as interoperable and inclusive as possible. He promotes the thought of having any creations made on The Sandbox virtual reality platform transferable to all and valid open Metaverses and the other way around too, commenting, “It’s important to us that the content you own or create in The Sandbox can be transferred to other open metaverses, and vice versa." He puts emphasis on this concept as he states that he is fully against the microverse Web 2.0 created in which ownership of creative liberties is tied to large tech corporations, giving little to no recognition to the artist in question.

The entrepreneur is now learning and implementing the right technology to incorporate into The Sandbox platform for it to reach full capacity to hold off as one of the many Metaverses being created. With the virtues he's talked of including creative liability, freedom, and justice, he hopes and believes his platform will headline as one of the most user-populated Metaverses.

Our vision of a decentralized entertainment metaverse where everyone can play, create, and be rewarded for their time through play-to-earn is resonating strongly. Step by step, we’re building out the ecosystem to realize the potential The Sandbox offers to players, creators and partners.

Firmly helping The Sandbox executives notion, despite the US, China, and Turkey’s enthusiastic strategies in coming up with their own Metaverses, he assures that his platform will not be dominated by these countries and even advocates for user governance in certain land regions of the Metaverse-to-be.

Finally, Borget titles his platform as equitable, tethering the benefits to women as well. He exclaims that he is enthusiastic for a more women-oriented Web 3.0 compared to Web 2.0, “We support creator efforts to build inclusive worlds that can inspire players to see beyond the external differences while still appreciating them.”

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